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Apropos Brexit, Black and Asian Britain and the European Union, a toxic Affair?

“Black and Asian British are natural Eurosceptics”, it is quite obvious they do not feel a European belonging; for most Europe remains just a weekend break. Nevertheless, Most Ethnic minority voters voted to remain in the European Union, they voted not to break away from a union which fails to take them fully into consideration. Is the relationship between the EU and Black and Asian Britain as Toxic as it seems?

Brian Obeng Darko
Dec, 4, 2018


#me too, guilty till proven innocent

“Social media deleted for many the knowledge that like with any other crime the accused should remain innocent till proven guilty. You hear of a need to burn the accused alive before the truth comes out.”

Brian Obeng Darko
Oct, 20, 2018


It’s all happenings: our obsession with Self-curation

“...a waifish twenty-something stood in the centre of the room, recorded a panorama of the space on her phone, and added it to her Instagram story as she strolled to the next room.”

Miriam Sallon
Jan, 31, 2019


Why the joy of diversity throughout brexit uncertainties will be the unwritten headline for this year’s notting hill carnival.

“The Afro-Caribbean migrants taught they were British, travelled on the newly sieged (from the Nazis) HMT Empire Windrush ship, how glorious it must have felt.”

Brian Obeng Darko
Aug, 27, 2018

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